Clear Canvas, 2014

Various projects, 2014-2018

Below is a selection of functional models, sketches, and process of some of my favorite designs from before and after college. My main inspiration in industrial design has been play & toy design.

Final physical model of Clear Canvas

Clear Canvas

Transparent drawing surface

A transparent drawing surface that students can draw on simultaneously. Designed to inspire mindfulness in middle school through art curriculum. I worked with students from Providence Country Day School & Community Preparatory School in Providence, RI, USA.

Updated design, digital render

Portable and easy to wash
Sleek accessory markers

Students tested several different types of Clear Canvases

Redesigns of the original Clear Canvas

Various sketches

Exploring the materiality of music

Stamped Synth

Handmade synthesizer

An open-circuit synthesizer you can play with bare hands, on-the-go, with zero learning gap. A manufacturable design of a classic experimental synthesizer: the cracklebox circuit.

Plug + play with a regular, 1/8” audio jack

Identical handmade models

Investigating the materiality of electronic music

Form exploration and manufacturing process

With the generous help of Eagle Tool, Inc. in Providence,  I used an industrial hydraulic press to make refined prototypes.


Stamped Synth was conceived during the Music Tech Fest Boston hackathon. My research was featured on BBC Click︎︎︎

Research with Music Tech Fest︎︎︎


These projects have continued to inform my ideas. Curious for more? See my designs for Stationery →

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