FT-1 drawing tool

Various projects, 2018-2019

Designs for a brush and paint palette made from brass/ found objects and perennial grasses, respectively.  These products are conceived as environmentally-friendly tools that inspire thoughtful contemplation of users’ immediate natural environments.

Shell, Japan, and brass finishes



Deconstructed brass paint brush that adapts to changing ecosystems.
Basic assembly

FT-1 is easily assembled and adapts to different brush types

FT-1 and WP-1 in use 

Lacquered in a fine, glossy white finish



Compressed perennial grass palette that encourages the passive mixing of colors.

WP-1 is designed to be molded from compressed grass sheets

Minimal and playful

EO Sharpener


This product exaggerates latent symbols implicit in the designs of mass-produced, domestic objects. An exploration of the designs of everyday objects (EO) for work, play, and creative expression.


EO Sharpener creates beautiful, spiral shavings 

Designed to be taken apart and fitted with common steel sharpeners (e.g. by Staedtler, Kum, etc).


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