Smith-Corona in periwinkle: a trusted colleague

Poetry performance


Improvise, type, and recite original poems inspired by guests at large parties and events. Collaborate with poetic agencies, Ars Poetica and The Haiku Guys. Select clients include: Google, Facebook, IBM; The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco.

Photo credits: Jan Faye Captures MomentsAri Simphoukham Photography (San Francisco), & Photo Bohemia (Los Angeles)


Having a ball

How does it work?

We chat, I type, you get a completely original poem, written just for you. Poems are typed on vintage typewriters, custom stamped for your event. Sample poems below.

Sky is briefly white
and it was lovely meeting you
- for Heidi

tropical egg nog
leaves its sun beaten victims
coiled in drunken joy
- for Amanda
a cigarette & beer poem goes like this:
sip sip sip
cough cough
- for Parker

Scenes from a poet’s life


Due to the wide-spread effects of Covid-19, this project is evolving to suit changing needs. Stay in touch︎︎︎

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