Hand catapult slingshot

Hella Slingshots

Slingshots, 2018-2019
Hella Slingshots︎︎︎

Industrial design for boutique slingshot company, Hella Slingshots. They design high-end, classic slingshots for one’s inner child. I invented and protoyped concepts for new toy lines: wrist rockets and hand catapults.


Variations on hand catapults

Wrist rocket final design

Hand catapult final design

Mechanism design

Wrist rockets rely on moving mechanisms to ensure proper locking and grip in one’s hand. For this design, emphasis was placed on developing articulating parts that are easy-to-use and manufacture.

1. Slingshot fork fits into cap
2. Fork locks into base mechanism

3. Handle and supporting accessories are attached

Rapid visualization of hand catapults


Conceptual development centered around wrist rockets and hand catapults, moving freely between both to develop a cohesive design language. Mechanism development was emphasized for the wrist-rocket, as it involved articulating components.

Hundreds of designs were explored through rapid visualization

Testing looks-like models of wrist rocket

Testing looks-like models of wrist rocket

Studying products on the market- proper hand catapult grip style
Studying products on the market

Manufacturing techniques research

Tubular design
Sheet-metal based design

A variation on the classic wrist-rocket was chosen, for the durability of manufacture and the vintage brand of Hella Slingshots


Hella Slingshots is currently developing new products. Interested in exploring their current products or learning more? Visit their website︎︎︎ or Instagram︎︎︎

Photos courtesy Hella Slingshots

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