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Indie Publishing

Utilizing a variety of on-demand publishers, including Blurb and Pint Size Press, I explore the growing possibilties of independent publishing with personal publications and client work.

across textures

Art book, 2015
In this artists' book, Marsh and Icaza feature the development of their friendship through predominantly ‘texted’ word. Spanning over two years and arranged chronologically, the texts compiled from multiple platforms reveal the development of their friendship and creative practice. Designed beautifully, the book also includes a photography series relating to the central narrative theme.” Via Blurb. Collaboration with Genevieve Marsh.

Nobody Knows But Me

Memoir, by Charlotte L. Mankin, 2018
Charlotte's memories from childhood to teenage and current life. As a child she was a ‘March of Dimes’ girl and an ‘Ambassador for Polio’. She met John Wayne and Buddy Rogers. She toured two submarines. The USS Brill and the USS General Omar Bundy The USS Brill was being transferred to the Turkish Navy, this was her last trip. The 65 crew members saved all their money for their final party and then gave it to the ‘March of Dimes.’ ” Via Blurb. Collaboration with Genevieve Marsh.


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