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Music Tech Fest

Participating artist, lecturer, and hardware hacker at the EU-Commission funded organization, Music Tech Fest. Bringing together a variety of professionals, from music, electronics, health, engineering, and more, this pioneering event series is a fertile ground for music exoperimentation. I have given lectures on music and healing, and won sponsored hackathons three times. Learn more about Music Tech Fest.

MTF Stockholm

Soundscape and performance inspired by the Swedish instrument, the näverlur. The instrument, made from bent-laminated birch, is endemic to the country. I imagined an electronic soundtrack evoking the natural textures and hollow sounds of the landscape. Collaboration with Swedish National Space Agency (SNSA) and Touchy Spacey Data Thingy.

MTF Berlin

Video trilogy exploring the connection between electronic tones and landscapes. Submitted as part of the MTF Berlin Telehack.

MTF Central

Presentation of RISD Industrial Design thesis, a kind of “music for hospitals”. Research and process were shared at MTF Central in Ljubljana, Slovenia at the Cankarjev Dom. Created and performed an electronic drum–the Bombastic Fiddle Stump–made from found components. Collaboration with UK-based Vulpestruments.

MTF London @ Barbican

”Sound + Healing” lecture given at the mainstage of Music Tech Fest London at the Barbican LSO St. Luke’s.


Based in Berlin, Germany