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My name is Elio, and I’m a designer on a mission.

Actually, several. I'm eager to make sustainability playful, digital experiences textural, and electronics environmental.

These insights come from 5+ years of experience in industrial design and a strong practice in art, travel, and writing. I bring conceptual thinking, vision, and obsessive craftsmanship to my projects and client work.

Born and raised in Panama City, Panama, and educated at the Rhode Island School of Design, I bring a global perspective to everything I do. 

Working on a new project and looking for inspiration? Let's chat and plan a brilliant future. 

– Elio Icaza Milson

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“Elio was a welcome presence in the studio. Ever smiling, his bright personality was enjoyed by all through work related and personal engagements. Of particular enjoyment was watching the evolving hack of his bicycle (using Makedo) to ensure secure and weatherproof transit of his gear. An eternal problem solver.”
Paul Justin, MAKEDO
“His way of interacting with the children was generous, empathetic and insightful, and Elio brings these qualities to all of his creative endeavors. He has a thoughtful curiosity and a passion for listening and understanding the needs and perspectives of those he is designing with and for.”
Khipra Nichols, on Clear Canvas, RISD

“[Elio] worked flexibly in teams to develop the design, business models, and engineering plans for two products. Throughout the design process, he enthusiastically probed the feasibility, viability, and desirability of his concepts.”
Matthew Kressy, MITidm
“I was most impressed with Elio’s pure creativity. The sheer quantity and ingenuity of ideas Elio generated in a short period was staggering.”
Joe Sciglitano, Buzz Products Melbourne


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